There are currently three versions of Algebra Slide Show to choose from.  Although each collection contains many of the same lessons and slides, there are also some distinct differences between them.  The collections of lessons are sold separately and have been aligned to one of the texts below.  Click on the text of your choice to preview the lessons.


Algebra Slide Show lessons aligned to Holt's "Algebra 1" by Burger, Chard, Hall, Kennedy, and Leinwand   2008.



Algebra Slide Show lessons aligned to Prentice Hall's "Algebra 1; California Edition" by Smith, Charles, Dossey, and Bittinger  2001.


Algebra Slide Show lessons aligned to McDougal Littel's "Algebra 1 Concepts and Skills" by Larson, Boswell, Kanold, and Stiff   2001.


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