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There are countless benefits to using PowerPoint in the math classroom with students.  It is my intent to create complete sets of PowerPoint math lessons that will provide teachers with a solid base on which to build.  Here are links to collections of PowerPoint lessons for math teachers which are written and published by me, James Wenk, a teacher with 22 years experience.   Click on a link below to preview the lessons in each completed set.  Projected completion dates for future projects are shown below.

The following lessons work great with LCD projectors or Smart Board technology:

Math 3  Completed Summer 2007.

Math 4  Completed Summer 2007.

Math 5  Completed Fall 2006.

Math 6 - ML  Completed Winter 2006.

Math 6 - Holt  Completed Summer 2010.

Pre-Algebra - Holt  Completed Summer 2010.

Pre-Algebra - ML  Completed Summer 2005.

Pre-Algebra - PH  Completed Summer 2006.

Algebra - ML  Completed Summer 2003.

Algebra - PH  Completed Summer 2007.

Algebra - Holt  Completed Winter 2010.

Geometry   Coming Soon.

Algebra 2 - ML  Completed Summer 2006.

Algebra 2 - Holt Completed Winter 2010.

Now available:  Star Power Warm-ups: Grade 7

New:  Star Power Warm-ups: Algebra 1

Finally picked up a geometry class after 8 years of begging and pleading.   New lessons for geometry should be ready by summer 2014.  This should be my best work ever with hyperlinks to Geometers Sketchpad files also included.  Thanks for being so patient...I had almost given up myself. 

Jim Wenk


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